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John John in 2001
John John takes a silly pic of himself w/new Sony Digital Video Camera
John @ 2 John at two years of age... How cute and innocent! (What happened?)
John John in Hawaii w/host Alex
Band Pic of John's old band (Gary, John, Dan, Chuck)
Yearbook Right out of John's 8th grade yearbook
Car John's 92 MR2 Turbo
MR2 John's 92 MR2 Turbo w/dirty lexus wheels
SC Autumn in our neck of the woods
SC2 Autumn in the mountains near us
Mom&Dad John's Mom and Dad at their place of business
Violet John's Mom at another place they owned in Hawaii
Violet2 Another pic of Violet
Violet3 Yet another pic of Violet
Shop John's second small business
Scorpions John's gold scorpion and Jolyne's white one
Wreck Another Scorpion. Don't drink and drive.
Miata The Miata Project

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Contact Info


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