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Today is Monday, 16 Jan 2006 - 16 days into the year...

Astrological sign: Capricorn
Flowers - Carnation & Snowdrop Gem - Garnet

People born on this date:
1973, Josie Davis, actress (Charles in Charge - Sarah Powell)
1959, Sade [Helen Adu], Nigeria, rock singer (Taboo) (Grammy 1986)
1952, Lloyd Blaine Hammond, Jr., Savannah, Ga., major, USAF, astronaut
1950, Caroline Munro, Windsor, England, actress (The Spy Who Loved Me)
1950, Debbie Allen, actress, dancer (Fame, Jo Jo Dancer)
1948, John Carpenter, film director (Halloween, The Thing)
1948, Cliff Thorburn, Victoria, BC, champion snooker player
1947, Sandy Denny, folk singer, songwriter (Strawbs, Fairport Convention)
1946, Michael L. Coats, Sacramento, Cal., capt. USN, astronaut (STS-41D, 29)
1944, Jim Safford, singer (Jim Safford Show)
1944, Ronnie Milsap, country singer (Nobody Likes Sad Songs)
1935, A.J. Foyt, Houston, auto race driver (Indy 500 1961, 1964, 1967, 1977)
1934, Marilyn Horne, Bradford, Penn., opera star, mezzo-soprano
1934, Richard Wernick, Boston, composer
1933, Oleg G. Makarov, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 12, 18-1, 27, T-3)
1930, Norman Podhoretz, Brooklyn, author, editor (NY Post)
1928, William Kennedy, Albany, NY, writer
1924, Katy Jurado, Mxico, actress (High Noon, Trapeze, Barabbas)
1920, Elliot Reid, NYC, actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
1911, Jay Hanna (Dizzy) Dean, St. Louis Cardinal HOF pitcher
1911, Eduardo Frei (Christian Democrat), president of Chile (1964-70)
1908, Ethel Merman, actress, singer (Anything Goes, Call Me Madam) (c. 1908)
1907, Alexander Knox, Canada, actor (Gorky Park, 2 of a Kind)
1901, Fulgencio Batista, president, dictator of Cuba (1933-44, 1952-59)
1897, Camara Carlos Pellicer, Tabasco, Mxico, poet (Sacrificial Stone)
1894, Guy Chamberlin, NFL HOF end, coach (Canton, Frankford, Chicago Cards)
1874, Robert Service, England, Canadian poet (The Cremation of Sam McGee)
1853, Andr Michelin, French industrialist, tire manufacturer
1757, Samuel McIntire, woodcarver, architect (architect of Salem)
1728, Niccola Piccinni, Italian musician

Deaths occuring on this date:
1935, Ma & Fred Barker, robbers, kidnappers, killed by FBI in Florida

Events of interest on this date:
1989, Future President Vaclav Havel arrested for demonstrating, Praha
1989, USSR announces plan for 2-year manned mission to Mars
1988, Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder is fired from CBS for racial remarks
1981, Protestant gunmen shoot Bernadette Devlin McAliskey & husband
1975, Court awards 1,200 war protesters illegally jailed in 1971 $12 million
1973, USSR's Lunakhod 2 begins radio-controlled exploration of the moon
1973, Last episode of "Bonanza" telecast
1970, AAU player Steve Myers makes a basketball field goal of 92'3" from
out of bounds, Tacoma - it shouldn't have counted, but was allowed
1969, Jan Palach immolates himself to protest Soviet invasion of Czech.
1969, Soviet Soyuz 4 & Soyuz 5 perform 1st transfer of crew in space
1964, "Hello, Dolly!" starring Carol Channing opens on Broadway
1963, Khrushchev claims to have a 100-megaton nuclear bomb
1956, Egyptian Pres. Nasser pledges to reconquer Palestine
1944, Gen. Eisenhower takes command of Allied Invasion Force in London
1943, -51 C (-60 F), Island Park Dam, Idaho (state record)
1942, William Knudsen becomes 1st civilian appointed a general in US army
1939, "I Love a Mystery" premiers on NBC radio
1920, US Senate votes against joining the League of Nations
1920, Prohibition goes into effect
1917, Germany sends secret Zimmermann telegram promising Mxico US territory
in exchange for WW I alliance
1909, David, Mawson & Mackay reach south magnetic pole
1908, Pinnacles National Monument, Calif. established
1905, Ottawa Silver 7 beat Dawson City (Yukon) 23-2 for the Stanley Cup
Most lopsided playoff game - Frank McGee scores 14 goals, including 8
consecutive, 3 in 90 seconds
1897, John Dewey's essay "My Pedagogic Creed" appears in "School Journal"
1889, 53 C (128 F), Cloncurry, Queensland (Australian record)
1887, In SF, Cliff House badly damaged when a cargo of powder on the
schooner "Parallel" explodes nearby
1883, Pendleton Act creates basis of federal civil service system
1877, Color organ (for light shows) patented, by Bainbridge Bishop
1870, Virginia becomes 8th state readmitted to US after Civil War
1865, In aftermath of Ft. Fisher, NC Ft. Caswell is abandoned & blown up
1816, Brazil becomes an empire under John, prince regent of Portugal
1793, 1st free English settlers arrive in Australia (Sydney, NSW)
1759, British Museum opens
1547, Ivan IV the Terrible crowned 1st tsar of Russia
-27, Roman Senate bestows the title "Augustus" on Octavian

Holidays and special events:
1995, Tu B'Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day); Shevat 15, 5755 AM
Lee-Jackson Day (Virginia)
*Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday observed (legal holiday)

Holidays of religious significance:
1995, Night of Remembrance (Moslem feast); Sha'bn 14, 1415 AH
309, Commemoration of St. Marcellus I, 30th pope (308-09), martyr (RC)

We should never overlook:
120, Delta Cancrid meteor shower, radiant in Cancer, west of Praesepe
National Nothing Day, National Hat Day

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Author: Dr. John M. Hoyt/Warren Peace
Last update: 16th January 2006